Our houses no longer serve us as simply homes. Today’s house is an office, a social center, a space where we shop, cook, and entertain. To be able to select how we want to use our space is empowering. We seek dwellings that are calm, considered and intelligently designed to meet our every need. I believe in ...

Sustainability in design.
This means substituting mass-produced, ‘big box’ products for beautiful, well-made handcrafted pieces that are both meaningful and have a sense of nostalgia. Your home should be filled things that inspire love and happiness, whether this means incorporating your grandmother's antique couch or reimagined secondhand treasures.

Creating spaces that make
you smile.

This means getting to know what is authentic and unique to you, rather than the herd. What inspires you and lights up your soul. I seek interiors that evoke an emotional response giving comfort and reassurance. So when you walk through the door to your home it allows you to feel peace and happiness, so you can recharge.

Our home being an
emotional refuge. 

Its perfect canvas to mark our life, and an extension of ourselves. A well designed home should say who we are, where we have come from, where we have been and where we are going. Our homes should pioneer our personal narrative by not only looking good,but by blending our past, present and future.

Cecilia Casagrande Interiors is a design company that brings a sophisticated artistic eye and innate design sensibility to projects of all budgets. For Cecilia, her process begins with listening to your visions, objectives, and lifestyle to truly understand the story you want to tell with your space.