Principal Designer & Owner

Principal Designer & Owner


Cecilia’s keen appreciation for great design and knack for making homes authentic and warm are rooted in an early career in hospitality and travel—and hours and hours as a child redecorating her Victorian dollhouse and hunting for treasures with her mom at Irv’s Antique Barn in NY.  Later time spent living in Washington DC, New York, Southern California and Paris provided further influence. Cecilia credits her master’s degrees in Public Health and Social Work and experience in communitybased advocacy for her ability to connect with her clients and their space on an emotional level.  Her travels across the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa help Cecilia to interpret cultures and curate extraordinary pieces in her clients’ homes.

Cecilia’s design philosophy is to create exciting, innovative, and comfortable spaces—ones that evoke positive emotions, whether they are for rest, work or play. With an eye for the simple things that can make a big difference to the look and feel of the space, Cecilia takes care to build from her client’s individual style and personality as well as pieces that are already in place. Every now and again, she likes to mix touches of vintage with modern flare. Cecilia is attending the KLC School of Design and has become certified in Revit Autocad architectural drawing software.

Cecilia lives in Brookline, MA with her husband and their three boys, a dog, and two cats. Her love of family and necessity for organization and efficiency literally shapes and colors everything she does – elegance and edge; bold and muted; patterned and lustrous. She appreciates and delights in the healthy chaos that comes with the gathering of many; the delicious solitude of one; rooms for loud play; and quiet nooks for peaceful recovery.

Cecilia Casagrande Interiors is a design company that brings a sophisticated artistic eye and innate design sensibility to projects of all budgets. For Cecilia, her process begins with listening to your visions, objectives, and lifestyle to truly understand the story you want to tell with your space.